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Ergonomic Lending Library

Closing, but some items are ???


Can Software Assess Your RSI?

Can software assess your RSI? A new product, EinSpine, has a great theory of RSI, but can their software help analyze your RSI?


Free Images Page

Added some images, brochures, brightened some images, added text to some


Free Images Page

At the request of Wikipedia, images that you can use.


The Human Solution

Thinking of buying an ergonomic keyboard? Shop at The Human Solution and you might be able to get a free copy of our book.

2005-Oct-30 Five-Year Follow-Up Are our ideas obsolete? What would we add to a second edition?
  Univ of Arkansas Scholarly Technology Healthy Keyboarding, by Linda Holzer, DMus. Associate Prof. of Music, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
General RSI site with perspective of musicians
2005-May-2 RSI-Relief New link... to a well organized 2005 site from an RSI-sufferin' powerhouse developer.
2005-Feb-19 Is RSI Solved? A reader asks about the complete absence of RSI news lately.
2004-Oct-23 Several new items in our lending library ...thanks to generous donations... seems we're picking up some steam.


New URL and look

The site has been redesigned with RoboHelp and moved to http://www.RSIRescue.com


Why me? Do anatomical differences explain why RSI affects only some???

Info on RSI seems to show up in "fits-and-spurts" and this is a typical case. I see more and more info that points to anatomical differences that answer many RSI sufferers' main question... WHY ME?

2004-Aug-6 Our Publisher Announces Contest for Schools that Go Metric Simax announces $1500 Shackleton sculpture prize for first three U.S. grade schools that adopt metric system.
2004-Apr-9 FAQ: Numbness... no good doctors... what to do? A sufferer writes from halfway around the world (that's as far as you can go, right?) of constant finger numbness, and suspects computer use. There's doubt about finding a helpful doctor or therapist. What to do???
2004-Mar-6 Workrave Free break reminder that runs on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.
  Web of Betrayal Book on one sufferer's battle against the system. Author & speaker, took nearly eight years to fight and win job re-accommodation efforts after being denied in the federal workplace in Wash. DC.
2004-Feb-28 TOS: Cause, Effect, or Hoax? After having not-very-successful surgery, a sufferer asks is TOS a result of overuse or a physical condtion that causes strain symptoms?
2004-Feb-15 Flextend exercise glove to borrow New in our Lending Library, the Flextend exercise glove. Unsure whether to try out something like Flextend? The manufacturer generously offered us their product to loan out from our lending library.
2004-Feb-01 Review of Vertical Mouse Does this upright mouse pass the "acid test" of ergo equipment? (You know what the acid test is, right?)
2004-Jan-01 FAQ: What do you recommend for trigger finger? (Suparna) I do believe that conservative therapy helps trigger finger...
2003-Dec-5 Dr.'s Site in Bangalore India Information regarding the state of RSI and computer ergonomics in developing countries.
  Workpace $39 break software with stretch and exercise reminders, ergonomic training, monitoring of discomfort levels, and statistics on computer use
  Yoga: Cafe Yoga $14.99 US / 9.99 A gentle animated series of 12 yoga based stretches, with an online Flash sampler.
2003-Sep-13 Where to find Elbow Pad??? It's mentioned on page 49 of our book but a hard to find since it's a medical specialty item.
2003-Aug-09 www.pocket-stress.com Corporate-style ergonomics resources, such as brochures and videos, from an Australian ergonomist.
   Intellipointer Mouse Driver Lauded by a reader as "the" solution to other mouse driver software that doesn't work as well. Free download.
2003-Jun-04 FAQ: finding a therapist How to find a therapist and other top questions
2002-Sep-10 Dr. Collins' MRA Videos Fascinating evidence of thoracic outlet compression!
2002-Jan-24 The 2002 FirstHand Award Nominate a company, win free gifts...
2002-Jan FAQ: What's important, pain or loss of function? Is it pain that makes RSI unbearable or its affect on our ability to function?
2001-Dec What is the best equipment? Answer to one Sorehander's query
2001-Sept Review of BookGem Great, portable book/paper holder
2001-May Case Study of Patient G. Great success story... but it takes lots of skilled hands-on therapy
2001-Feb Foot Pedals/Foot Mice Several options for foot alternatives to mice and keyboard hotkeys
2000-Dec-24 Sorehand Post-Op Advice Coping and planning ideas for surviving surgery
2000-Dec More brochure formats Zipped (high res) and unzipped brochures
2000-Nov Letter-size trifold brochure Free handout to print yourself.
2000-Oct The Ten Commandments of RSI At-a-glance advice for new sufferers.
2000-Jun Sorehand Chronicles Excerpts from leading discussion/mailing list. Use the table of contents on the left of the Home Page, and open the book entitled Sorehand, by Topics
2000-Mar Audio of Dr. Pascarelli 5 minutes of Dr. P's presentation.
2000-Mar Morency Armrest An armrest I'm [JB] trying out at home.