Selected Sorehand Excerpts, Topic-by-Topic

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Adverse Mechanical Tension

Dequervain's Disease

Primary Recommendation



Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy




Carpal Tunnel/Surgery

Massage Devices



Mice/Pointing Devices

Thoracic Outlet


Nerve Blocks

Voice Recognition


Post-Op Advice (new!)


What Is this Stuff?

The other pages in this portion, entitled "Sorehand, by Topics," are excerpts from posts to the Sorehand mailing list/discussion group. Sorehand is the best mailing list on RSI. Several excellent volunteer experts usually respond to posts with great insight and compassion. Visitors come out of the woodwork on a daily basis with horrific stories of RSI use and abuse and without fail, numerous respondents echo their plight with similar experiences, often having discerned the good options from the bad. This is the most valuable RSI info in the world... but it is anecdotal experience. It is usually tempered by sage opinionators and even some real doctors, but sometimes merely by spin-doctors... you make the call. I want scientific info as much as anyone, but my advice to new sufferers is don't wait for it; RSI is not conducive to laboratory type examination and its mystery will not yield to objective statistics in your lifetime. In my opinion, much of what you hear of as "study data" is based on presumtions that are less than rock-solid.

But unedited, Sorehand can look like the Web at its most frustrating. It is a freeform chain of endless text. That's where I come in. In the topics in this section I hope to cut-and-paste the most informative of the many posts on classic RSI issues. My editorial emphasis is on therapeutic solution of RSI: I'll leave the topics of workers' comp., law, politics, and pain management (as a palliative) to those who have time to do them justice.

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