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Suparna Damany, Master of Science Physical Therapy (MSPT )

Suparna (pronounced suh-PER-na) is a Physical Therapist who has successfully treated chronic, repetitive strain sufferers-often after failed surgical attempts-and instituted successful RSI prevention programs at major employers. Suparna is a Certified Hand Therapist and a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, in private practice in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Suparna treated several workers at the company where Jack was employed.

The most common question we get is "Where can I find a therapist like Suparna near where I live?" Our answer is on our FAQ page but lateley I (jb) have been recommending visiting Suparna just for a detailed diagnosis and to have her show you and let you feel for yourself (!) where your body is in trouble. We never used to offer this seemingly expensive suggestion, but people have traveled from as far as California and Europe just to get intelligent RSI diagnosis from Suparna. Some have even stayed for the course of treatment. But compared to spending years in pain or frustration, making the trip just for a diagnosis could be money well spent.

Suparna's Practice:  www.onlineAcheSolutions.com

Email: sdamany aol


Jack Bellis

Jack is a software usability analyst and user interface designer whose keyboard compulsion goes back to the pure command-line days. His writing has been published by the Independent Computer Consultants Association, the Society for Technical Communication, and the Philadelphia Inquirer (an opinion piece). He started to get a repetitive strain injury in 1996. After surgery in 1997, his symptoms came back and it was then that he came under Suparna's care while she was treating patients who also worked at his company.

Personal website: www.JackBellis.com email: jackbellis hotmail.com