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If you're an RSI sufferer.. and you've come here for answers skip right to our five-page article, print it out and read it.

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    If there's a piece of ergonomic equipment you need that's not too expensive, tell us what it is and perhaps we can provide it for promotional purposes. Frankly, it's the cheapest form of advertising possible, so don't be surprised if you get what you need. And mention it to other folks when they matter-of-factly say, "oh yeh, I've had this pain..."
  • 2011-Mar-25: the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 was given to an RSI sufferer who is a college professor in Florida.  


Who Jack Bellis & Suparna Damany. Jack is a long-time technical writer. Suparna is a physical therapist who treated Jack for a repetitive strain injury.


What Advice on treating repetitive strain injuries...primarily computer related, but you'll learn a lot here for any type of cumulative trauma injury. Based on our book, "(On Amazon) It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: RSI Theory & Therapy for Computer Professionals."
Where Jack is from suburban Philadelphia, PA USA. Suparna is from Allentown, PA.
Why Jack had surgery for computer-related RSI and his symptoms came back in 3 weeks. Suparna helped him control the problem. This site helps promote our book.
How We recommend lots of hands-on therapy. We have a five-page article synopsizing our theory of RSI, an interactive quiz, many sample chapters (Chapter 7) and testimonials from the book, an awesome review, a brochure that you can print for business or personal use, and our collection of web links (to the left).
When Now! The single most common remark from chronic RSI sufferers is wishing they had treated it seriously right away.

Follow-Up... Are We Wrong? Or Outdated?

It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was published in May of 2000... the years fly by! And just like all RSI sufferers, we too are waiting for the breakthroughs that relegate our book to the dustbin. But as we work through our 5th printing and see book readers change to iPad readers, it looks like we're still waiting. More...

From Jack Bellis...

When a physical therapist performed tests on me that my surgeon didn't before or after the operation on my ulnar nerve and my symptoms returned in a few weeks, I decided that someone had to tell the story. With my therapist, Suparna Damany, I've written a book on the subject, entitled "(Amazon) It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: RSI Theory & Therapy for Computer Professionals." In the book and on this web site is what I learned about RSI, without embellishment or false promises, and with hard details not just accolades from other patients.

Our Theory

If you find that many of the explanations you read about RSI leave you wanting, this five-page article may be what you're looking for. Written by a veteran technical writer with RSI, in conjunction with a successful physical therapist, it goes where few other sources do...drawing an explanation for computer-related RSI that is comprehensive enough to explain the common denominators, and specific enough to recommend distinct therapies.

RSI Causes
Read more, our 5-page theory
... it might explain why no one else seems to solve your RSI!


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