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Personal Sculpture Monopoly Tokens

The ultimate gift for the Monopoly nut in your world... a miniature sculpture of him or her suitable for use as a board piece. With or without a loop to hang on a necklace.


Silver or Gold-Plated:

Solid Gold:
plus material

      This picture shows two custom tokens (beside the standard car and dog, to show you the size). The gold one is an old histology professor of mine, from dental school (where I learned to carve wax, and this whole morass started). Notice the microscope in his hand. On the right is me, with a Vice-Grip® in one hand. I never go anywhere without one.        
How it works

Send me a few photos, some ideas for clothing, hobbies, etc., and a deposit. If you've got a charicature drawing like a street-artist draws, that's great; send me a photocopy. Remember it's a charicature, not a Rembrandt portrait. Unless you've got a particularly distinctive face like the crotchety ol' professor above, most of the look comes from the overall shape, motif, and trimmings.

I'll create the wax sculpture and let you preview it, online, for comments before making (casting) the metal version. Wait until you see the look on someone's face when they see you pull this out to play Monopoly.