We Want Pete!
I'd like to make a larger-than-life ("heroic size"), outdoor sculpture of Pete Rose possibly outside the new Cincinnatti stadium, or in my town, Philly, from the desktop-size sculpture you see here. But you don't have to wait for the big version, stone castings—I can't imagine making more than a dozen—are available now. The price for castings 4 through 12 is only $450 each plus a fixed price for US shipping of $20, and keep in mind that not only could the price go up... there's also the possibility that 12 will never be made, ensuring you quite a steal. E-mail me if you're interested in buying one or to express your support for the public sculpture.


The Photo That Inspired the Pose

The Originl Artwork, in Clay

This is a sculpture of Pete Rose in his signature move, sliding headfirst into home plate. The original artwork was created in 1985, inspired by Pete's leading the Philladelphia Phillies to their 1980 World Series victory.

January 25, 2004... Artist's Proof Castings Now Available!
They're here, the the artist's proofs castings. Below is #1, which along with #2 was auctioned off at the inaugural induction ceremony (press release) of the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame on February 9th in Philadelphia. The photo below shows the unfinished, white stone

The finished proofs are covered with a metallic copper sculpting finish from SculptNouveau.com:

These stone proofs are real sculptures intended for display and might never be followed by a run of bronze castings. Only time will tell.

The piece is 25" front-to-back, 16" wide, and 14" tall, with a base the shape of home plate tilted down in front, to view nicely even on a high shelf. Being proofs, they don't have the full detail level anticipated in the final artwork but they're pretty impressive.

The pose is modeled from a June 1, 1981 cover photo in the Philadelphia Journal newspaper, shown above. The artwork is hoped to someday be made into a larger-than-lifesize (called "heroic scale") bronze casting in either Philadelphia or Cincinnati. Imagine someday seeing that outdoor work and knowing you have the first of the proofs.

The artist's proofs are cast in a very impact-resistant gypsum product called Drystone, weigh approximately 15 pounds, and are covered with a bronze metallic sculpting finish. It is so hard that dropping a piece that is shaped like a hockey puck from 36" onto a wooden floor, doesn't crack it. Perhaps I'll make a video soon to show this.

Castings in Bronze Available Upon Request


Additional Closeup Images

low is a picture of the work in progress, the master art in clay and gypsum. The final castings are all stone and suitable for hanging on a wall.


The following figures show The Caird (in both stone and clay at the lower left) and The Endurance. The chain represents the path of the expedition.

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