Nike 6020 Eyeglasses TempleReplacement

Quick Summary: two layers, green plastic from cyclone fence wire on inside, with black plastic from bicycle brake/shifter cables on the outside.

Written January 2017,

When the rubber 'temples' wore out on my Nike 6020 eyeglasses I was surprised to find out that they want you to buy brand new $200 frames because a $2 part wears out. No, that's not the surprising part. The surprising part was that there wasn't even a generic option. I spotted some ugly plastic ones but they didn't even seem to be long enough because this particular frame uses a very long temple.

I tried that plastic dip stuff for tool handles. Didn't dry smoothly.

I tried custom mixed silicone plastic (I do a lot of artwork so I have stuff like that). Too thin... and the one I had was pink. I'd have to do a lot of layers and gave up. (Hmmm, maybe I should have tried harder, or used a similar 'molding rubber' that is meant to go on in layers.)

But just around that time, I started thinking of using wire insulation. The right size happened to be the green plastic that covers "cyclone fence" wire! I had a roll of this green-plastic-covered wire

But that, by itself is too thin to be comfortable. So I looked around for something to put on top. And just the right size turned out to be the black plastic on the outside of bicycle cables. Here's one, but I see you can get all sorts of colors now.

You have to pull out the metal inside. Just cut a 6-inch section and bend it a lot to make it pliable and it should slip out. If not, try warm water, then a hair dryer, then a torch but when your house burns down, don't blame me.

To slip the black over the green, again you might need to warm it. Don't use any sort of lubricant or it will never stick.

I did put a little bit of that black plastic-dip stuff (my first attempt at a solution) between the two layers to make the black part stick and not rotate. And I put some of the black stuff in the open end to make it look nicer.

The bicycle stuff even wears nicely, getting a flat, not glossy, finish in a few days. Now I'm gonna look for some of those funky colors.



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