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Welcome to Dog Talk, the App that Lets Your Dog Talk

Dog Talk is a simple iPad app that your dog can touch to speak out loud. It is very simple. It has four big images that each fill a quarter of the screen: a car, a bowl of food, a leash, and a Frisbee. When your dog touches one, it announces out loud "I'm hungry" and so on.

About Dog Talk

What It Does

It announced 4 messages when your dog touches the respective image on its single screen.

Who It's For

Your dog, cat, or other minimally intelligent coconspirator, probably a mammal but that's up to you.

How to Use It

  1. Turn the volume up about half way.
  2. Put it on a horizontal surface and put your furry friend in front of it. If they touch one of the icons it will announce their presumed intention.
  3. Do what they ask. At this point, they're training you (!). You've got to do they corresponding action to reinforce their behavior.
  4. To redisplay all the images, click Reset.
  5. To get their attention, click the dogbone. It will bark.
  6. Be persistent. You didn't learn to talk with one repetition and neither will they.


  1. One screen, showing 4 big images.
  2. Announces a short sound file, one for each image.
    1. "I'm hungry."
    1. "I want to go for a ride in the car."
    2. "I want to play."
    3. "I want to go for a walk."
  3. Sounds play when the images are touched, not when released, since dogs aren't great with touchscreens.
  4. Hides the other 3 images after one image is clicked. This prevents Fido from clicking multiple sounds all at once.
  5. Announces a barking sound when first launched, to get Fido's attention.
  6. Announces a barking sound when you touch the dogbone icon, to get Fido's attention.
  7. There are no About or Settings functions.

Let me know what features you'd like!



Dog Talk was created by Jack Bellis, a software designer with Elsevier (a scientific and medical publisher) who also creates all sorts of stuff at


Let me know what features you'd like!

FAQ/Question History

Version 1.0, released February 27, 2011

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