Tinkertoy Sofa 
Poplar, polyurethane foam, polyester 
72" x 40" x 30"

Tinkertoy sofa backTinkertoy sofa pieces

Goalie Mask

In 1974 (and '75) my hometown hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers, won the championship behind---or I guess it's in front of---the goaltending of Bernie Parent, who had this iconic white mask. I had a friend who had little business that vacuum-formed license plates where I saw how you could just melt some plastic to make stuff. So I made a likeness of Bernie's mask... not in the shop, but in my mother's oven. Apparently that's my M-O; if l like something, I make it.

The actual mask (not my work) on a US stamp:

Van Interior Design
Wood, carpeting

I worked at a van conversion shop and was given free rein to design the interior of our own van that would be on display at a Philadelphia show. I came up with exposed beams in the ceiling and a skyline of Philly that used one piece of carpeting, but reversing the carpet (nap) direction for the positive and negative portions of the composition.

Van cabinet

Van articl

Miniature Sculptures
Bronze and silver
1" tall

Shown with Monopoly's car and dog tokens for size comparison. The one on the left is Dr. McCrea, the histology teacher from Temple University Dental School where I attended for a year, before realizing I had made a mistake choosing to follow in my father's footsteps. Along the way, though I did a couple of these small sculptures---likenesses of two of the dental school professors---in wax, which they gave us to carve teeth. The other was of Dr. Charles Santangelo, the dental anatomy professor. Don't know where that one ended up.

"Wringing Truth"
Acrylic on paper

Wow, don't show this to a psychoanalyst. That right hand's kind o' lame but the left one almost looks human.

8" x 10"

When I worked at the Franklin Institute, building exhibits, they held a contest for kids to make a model car to carry a banana powered by two rubber bands. I made an example to give them the general notion of vehicle, and this was my rendering.

Bobby Clarke, unfinished
Clay, 20" tall

Tennis Player
Bronze, gold plating.

My first commissioned work, a likeness of a co-worker, a carpenter renovating the Middle East restaurant in Philadelphia.


World's Greatest Chess Set
Bronze, gold, ruby, sapphire,
32 pieces up to 3" tall

Uncertain hardwood, maple, varnish

Clay, polyurethane (lance), aluminum (bridle), patina finishes from Sculptnouveau
20 x 18 x 14

From what I think is the best piece in the chess set, the knight, shown in bronze. More completed photo coming soon.

George Hobe
Chess set king in bronze, green patina
3" tall

Want the chess set with you or that special someone as the royal family? We can do that. Here's a personalized portrait of a local businessman as the king.

Bronze, gold-plated,
~1" x 3/4"


Cast stone from clay
~24" x 14" x 14"

Showing copper-finished and unfinished. Approximately 5 castings have been purchased.

1994?, original oil,
16 x 14 and 20 x 16 

My first attempt at an oil? Wow, this "painting thing" is hard.

Original oil
10 x 14

OK, now we're getting somewhere.

Baby Jessica
Oil on canvas,

Where'd that other ear go to?

"Alien Landscape"
Oil on canvas
14 x 20

Not horrible.

Oil on canvas
8 x 24

Ahhh... it's the "representational" stuff that's hard. No wonder there are so many abstracts at those communal art studios.

"Unfinished" (finished)
2000, original oi
Oil on canvas
16 x 28

Uh, keep trying, Rembrandt.

2000, 2
28 x 28

"The Limits of Endurance"
Stone, bas-relief sculpture,
36" x 6"

Celebrating Shackleton's Imperial Transantarctic Expedition of 1914. I got a bit carried away after reading a National Geographic article about the Shackleton adventure. Read everything I could find on the subject and made an artwork that was too big to sell to anyone but a zealot or museum.

"Garden Path"
Oil on canvas
16 x 24

Duplicate from a postcard. Needs a little depth on that path, eh?

"Refugees", unfinished
Oil on canvas
30 x 40

After an incredible newspaper photo, below. If I can ever capture the looks on those faces...

Kandinsky Sketch
Oil on canvas,
36 x 20"

Surprisingly hard to make sharp lines with oil. Kandinsky must have developed some special masking method. I don't think the lines were drawn entirely by hand with a sharp brush, but it's possible.


"Into the Wild"
Oil on canvas (3 canvases)
22x18" and two other sizes.

There's hope yet... perhaps. This is from the final scene in the movie, Into the Wild. There's a honeybee in one of those flowers, very tricky to get.

"They Went Thataway"
80" x 30" x 30"

Being repainted in 2018, after totally fading.

Here's what I can make out:
Endeavor 100 (upward)
<- Hong Kong ->
Bates Motel 3 (blood dripping)
OZ 3 Clicks
Heinz 57
Nirvana (infinity symbol)
Perdition (downward)

Mixed media

Maybe my best work, but I had help.

Waterfall Fountain
Slate and granite,
48 x 72 x 60

"Deep Blue Under,"
Acrylic on homasote
24 x 36, original acrylic,

After Pollock, painted with Kira.

"Food Fight"
Acrylic on fibre ceiling tileomasote
24 x 36

After Pollock, painted with Kira.

"Sax Player"
12” x 9” x 12”
11 pound shipping weight
Image showing relative size, near
Image showing relative size, far

"Trumpet Player"
15” x 10” x 10
Completing the bookend pair with the Sax Player
12 pound shipping weight
A bit inspired by those Louis Armstrong cheeks.

"Figures of Speech" unfinished
Polyurethane foam
40 x 30 x 20 

"The Wave"
Oil on old door
80 x 30

Duplicate of Alexander Harrison's painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, below. Side-by-side it's quite remarkable how amateurish mine looks even with the reduced original. At the museum, the Harrison piece is extraordinary for its sense of photo-realistic illusion of a natural occurrence that is almost abstract in itself.

The original Harrison masterpiece:

Expanding polyurethane foam, spray paint, Sculptnouveau "Age-It"
86 x 36

Oil on Masonite
48 x 36

Speed-painted in one hour with Kira, from a piece in a Santa Fe art gallery catalog.

"A Walk in the Park"
Photographs on wood, epoxy clearcoated
20" x 30"

Iron, glass, wood
60" x 20" x 6"

30 x 20 x 20

Soap Dish

Hmmm, looks nicer in person. It's got a decent curved shape to it, but this photo angle flattens it out.

Leaded stained glass
28" x 12"

Bracket for Trellis
Welded steel
24" x 24"
My first decorative welding piece, a bracket to hold the upright that supports an outdoor trellis.

Trellis Bracket

Pressure-treated wood
96" wide x 10" deep x 24" tall
Didja ever hear of a "crime of opportunity"? You know, when you leave the keys to your car in the car and some kids who otherwise would have just gone on about their merry way end up stealing your car. Well I guess this was "art of opportunity," because my little 'railroad tie' retaining wall that kept my perennials from overgrowing the sidewalk was deteriorating... right at the same time that I got this cool new battery-powered chainsaw. And the rest is history. It's the Philly skyline.

Trellis Bracket

Ambient Energy Generator
Years ago I got the idiotic idea that the nighttime-to-day temperature change could generate energy. So I made this thing that converts the expansion of a plastic jug (with a bit of gasoline in it) into rotation of a flywheel. I posted a question on a website, like Ask-a-Physicist or something, about how much energy the world might have from this. I was laughed off the stage... my post was deleted as frivolous actually. Then a couple of years later, these guys at MIT had the same idea and maybe it wasn't so dumb after all.

wheel and expanding bladder


porch design

Portico Fan Pattern Detail
Portico Fan Pattern Detail
Bay Window
bay window

Bike Project
Search the web for Frog exerciser and you'll see an excercise-only device that uses the whole front of the body. I've been trying to do the same thing since forever. My latest attempt was this transmission, that sort of worked, but I realized I need to use a rotational mechanism... linear stuff is just too friction-ish.
bike linear transmission

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