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Prone Bike

It's a long story... 1987-long. Exercycle... stomach...real bike.


Ambient Energy Generator

Nothing here but that image on the left. Years ago I got the idiotic idea that the nighttime-to-day temperature change could generate energy. So I made this thing that converts the expansion of a plastic jug (with a bit of gasoline in it) into rotation of a flywheel. I posted a question on a website, like Ask-a-Physicist or something, about how much energy the world might have from this. I was laughed off the stage... my post was deleted as frivolous actually. Then a couple of years later, these guys at MIT had the same idea and maybe it wasn't so dumb after all.


Back to 2 Billion T-Shirts

Study any social problem and at its ultimate core you'll only find one root cause.

If you want I'll hand number it (with silk screen ink on inside of collar) but you'll have to email me if you can't specify a note in Etsy. No one has number 1 yet as of December 28, 2015.

See it on Etsy


MeetingCoasters are available on Amazon.com is a cheap, super-simple solution to all things that drive you nuts in office meetings. In a meeting with ten people if it saves even 5 minutes, it will pay for itself in one meeting.
iOS Programming Tutorial

"Baby Steps to iPhone Programming," a free, forum-based, asynchronous training course that steps you through the basics of developing apps for the iPhone and iPad.



Chef's Hat Screen Capture

"Chef's Hat," edible ideas, in the iTunes App Store

An iPhone app for chefs and wannabe-s to come up with those fancy-sounding dish combinations that wow us in great restaurants.


"DogTalk," annuciator for Fido, in the iTunes App Store

Yes, your dog can talk. Put this iPad app in front of that budding genius and you'll be hearing his or her innermost thoughts before you know it... as long as those innermost thoughts are one of four things: food, the car, playing, or taking a walk. In the iTunes App store now.

Dog Talk Support Page


Ideas for Hockey

A simple correction that will prevent injuries like the recent one to a Montreal Canadians player.


"Branestorm, Random Innovation Idea Generator in the iTunes App Store

"Dollar-Store Disposable CEO" is my favorite so far from the terms that this handy little iPhone app has come up with. Now in the iTunes store for your iPhone but also available as a web page version. In standard desktop browsers it has varying levels of semi-functionality, best in Safari.

Branestorm Support Page


Ouch, too outdated... .UsabilityInstitute.com

Superseded by blog: http://usabilityinstitute.blogspot.com/

Commentary and many free resources for software usability, based on my non-stop focus on user advocacy... "learnability gallery," RFP criteria, function tree, free heuristic reviews, and more.



iPhone App Page Labels

Simple solution to the problem of iPhone home pages with too many apps.


The Ridley Award

Trying to find something good to do with a sculpture I made recently, I propose "The Ridley Award" to honor Harrison Ridley, Jr. a beloved radio host of a long-time show enlightening the public to the beauty and pleasure of jazz. The site is a Ning.com social networking site to cultivate support.



infamous carpal tunnel syndrome—and substantial content from our Amazon 5-Star book on on the subject, in its 10th printing.


OfficeSwap is an experiment... a free database that lets you try to swap jobs with someone who works close to where you live and lives close to where you work. No, I'm not kidding. Pure social networking... no fees or conditions... uses Zoho.com for technology and login accounts.

This site is usable but no one has posted a real commute yet.


The World's Greatest (?) Chess Set


2011 update: first ever casting is ready for sale.



Website to swap puzzles based solely on private negotiations. Pure social networking... no fees or conditions... uses Ning.com for technology. (Update 2010: I'm pleasantly surprised to say that this site has gotten a following---mostly for jigsaw puzzles---despite the fact that I do absolutely nothing to sustain or participate in it.)


Poopy Phonics
The First Words on Your Kids Mind

February 14, 2007

Pete Rose Sculpture


Aging Is Dead

If you think global warming is a biggie, wait 'til our kids have to deal with this one.

June, 2007

Shackleton Sculpture

36" round, bas-relief sculpture of Man's Greatest Story of Survival and Rescue. A little bit of a debacle, quite a bit of an obsession, but a massive work of art nonetheless.


Lite the Lamp

Free Macromedia Director Hockey Shootout Game, 700K Zip Download of an EXE... A genuine web antique! A Macromedia Director piece originally produced for Shockwave, the predecessor to Flash.


Personal Sculpture Monopoly Tokens

The Ultimate Gift! A likeness of you or your favorite person (you?), 1" tall. With or without a loop to hang on a chain. Put this on the board at the next Monopoly game and people will surrender.


Op-Ed Piece, Philadelphia Inquirer

My 15 column-inches of fame.

March 1999

Winning the Business Softwar

Free booklet on software usability.



Simax, Video Sign Software

A software antique. A program written for the Atari 800 (in Basic) and later, Commodore 64 (in 6502 Assembler). Run it free in an emulator.

Too old to date




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